22 Jun

How to Boost Motorcycle Motion

One of the critical points in motorcycle maintenance is keeping its accelerated motion. After all, that’s partly the reason why you bought the vehicle in the first place– to keep you mobile in the most fuel-efficient and fastest manner.

Here are 3 easy ways to make your motorcycle fast that only require minimal investments from your end:

Travel Light

Weight drags down the vehicle’s speed. Physics dictates, the heavier the body, the slower it will run. So when you’re up for a long Sunday travel to visit your parents, pack light. Your gears and your engine both have to be light. You can choose custom motorcycle helmets so the material can be durable yet light. As regards your exhaust, you can add an aftermarket exhaust system and perform fuel mapping (re-adjusting fuel/air ratio at specific situations) to considerably reduce your bike’s weight. This technique adds power to your torque, thus makes your bike runs faster.

And when we say travel light, you have to think from top to bottom. Your bike’s wheels are just as important as your motorcycle helmets and your backpacks. Swap your heavy wheels for lighter ones. There are affordable lighter wheels in the market these days.

Customize Your Suspension

Seek professional help when attempting to add high-caliber suspension to your motorbike. Never do it on your own, despite the many internet tutorials you’ve watched. Remember that your suspension is critical to braking force. If undermined, this could lead to accidents.

Some riders do not know that compression and damping settings in your suspension can be adjusted to suit your weight. You’ll feel the difference in the engine’s performance after the suspension adjustments.

Check the Terrain and Buy the Right Tires

There are several tires to choose from these days with varying capacities. Riders commonly use tires that last for at least ten thousand miles to save costs. However, there’s more to mileage that you need to consider. Other tires may be less prone to wear and tear under rocky pavements, but they have loose grips on extremely lean angles. Just as you bother to buy custom motorcycle helmets, you also need to buy the appropriate tires. The key here is to ensure fit, so to lessen accidents.

The rest of the other means to increasing acceleration requires more technical changes. You can add new brake pads and upgraded brake discs since you also need to stop hard and fast if you intend to run hard and fast.

That, or you can have your motor re-built if you’re in need of more power. However, this option is only for those who are accustomed to high speeds such as racers. The top 3 doable ways to increase speed are practical for daily riders.

Unless you badly need to reach soaring speed, you can just stick to the practical and safe ways to boost your bike’s motion.

And keep in mind that alongside increased speed is also increased caution to ensure safety. Simple things such as proper wear of motorcycle helmets, choice of riding boots with built-in shifters, and avoiding target fixation can save your life from the dangers of riding in motorcycles.